In October of 2008, Nautilus Tattoo opened its doors for the first time. Having grown tired of working in flash orientated street shops for years and it was time for a change. We felt it was time to open a full custom studio with private rooms with an emphasis on an inviting atmosphere and top-notch customer service all while maintaining the highest standards of sterility and cleanliness.

In the short time Nautilus Tattoo has been opened, we have evolved into the shop that we are today. We have a full staff of award winning custom tattoo artists who can confidently work with any style of tattooing. We have been published and featured in various tattoo magazines and books as well as placed numerous times in the Hartford Advocates Best of Readers Poll. Our main goal and focus is to create living works of art all while keeping the safest possible environment for our clients.

We are a fully disposable studio, which means that our needles and tattoo grips are pre-sterilized and single use only. Nothing is being re-used and are then thrown away after each client. We also cover our equipment in single-use, disposable plastic barriers and are changed after each client. A licensed medical doctor also inspects us yearly. Our clients safety and well-being is of the utmost importance.

We tattoo people from all walks of life and if you are of age, our artists would love to work closely with you to create and professionally apply a one of a kind tattoo for you!

Every artist works different schedules, for availability please call the shop and we can help you out!

For the current happenings at Nautilus Tattoo make sure to periodically check out our news page.