Joelle Wankowicz

Joelle Wankowicz is a 29 year old tattoo artist born and raised in Massachusetts. Seven years ago she moved to Connecticut and soon after began pursuing her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Raised in an extremely strict Christian household, she rejected the ideals of her Jehovah’s Witness parents and choose her own path.

As a child she was always surrounded by art and encouraged to develop and hone her skills. She used various mediums, including oil, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, charcoal and colored pencils. She was privately tutored by an art teacher from a young age where she learned the fundamentals such as perspective, color and tones. Her teacher’s perfectionism at the time may have been a thorn in her side but she credits that attention to detail as a great building block which she has developed a career in art upon.

Joelle and her best friend launched their own art, photography and jewelry business called, Poetique Fantasia when she was 18 years old. She sold commissioned art and her own photography from her travels and her many handmade creations. As life went on, she found her true passion and calling in life as a tattoo artist. Joelle is very well aware of the taboo and connotations surrounding tattooing, as it was something forbidden to her all of her life, and although it has cost her much to pursue this dream she has never regretted it a moment. Her determination to succeed and enter this field was apparent from the start. She walked into every tattoo shop in her local area until she found someone who was willing to take her on and that is how she found and began her first tattoo apprenticeship at, Tommy’s Tattoo Studio, in East Windsor (at the time). About four months in, the artist she was learning under, experienced health problems which left her starting all over again. Not one to let that stop her she soon found another apprenticeship at Sacred Body, in Enfield. She continued to work there for two years during which time she completed her apprenticeship and earned her license. She next joined Body Graphics and worked there for an additional two and half years. She now joins Nautilus Tattoo in Newington to start the next chapter in her career!

She was recently awarded “Artist of the Month” by The New England Carousel Museum as part of their, “Inked, The History and Ritual of Tattooing” and was published in the local paper, as well as did a live tattoo demonstration and Q&A at the Museum.

She has traveled extensively and is a motorcycle enthusiast as well. In 2011, she completed a 6 week, 9k+ mile trip through 26 states on her own motorcycle. She has also completed the Iron Butt challenge, 1000 miles ridden in 24 hrs or less. In addition to extensive travel throughout the US, she’s been to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and Ireland and plans to add many more destinations to the list!

She enjoys both black and grey and color. Intricate linework and geometric pieces are her specialty, as well as floral, fauna, and organic designs. Working closely with the client to create a one of a kind tattoo is what she is all about! Set up a consult with her to discuss the tattoo of your dreams!