Jim Adams

From an early age he has been surrounding himself with art and creativity. After getting his bachelors degree of liberal arts at Umass Lowell, he moved down to Connecticut to pursue a career in the tattoo industry.

Jim was trained in house at Nautilus Tattoo after several years as shop manager. He began his tattooing career in July 2012.

He enjoys working with traditional, neo traditional and Japanese motifs in both tattooing and painting. Jim considers the artwork that he does to be an extension of himself and he enjoys the honor of bestowing his vision on someone’s skin that they will enjoy and have with them for the rest of their life. Aside from tattooing he enjoys watercolor painting and also has a strong background in computer aided graphic design, clothing apparel design as well as logo and branding for bands and the film industry.

For more of his work you can go to www.sickofjim.com